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Just as it seems coffee has been around forever, so it seems we have always known each other as friends. Coffee is welcomed at any occasion. It's the drink that delights kings and commoners alike, and it's the thing that brings us together across a table...or across many miles. So sit down and let me serve you a cup....

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Friday, March 17, 2006


You know what?....Friends are very precious commodities! And those of you who know what I mean will also know what I mean when I ask the question, "Why did we lose touch?" I cannot believe how consumed we become within our lives that we lose touch with those friends that meant and still mean the world to us!! And in the world of coffee, we can say we have three types of friends~~Mild~~Smooth~~Bold!
I know I have some that fall in each of those groups...and not to say that any one is better than the other; just that the relationships themselves are different. And before we lost touch a particular friend that was considered one type may have slipped into another type and vice versa. In fact, I just got off of the phone with a very dear friend from back home in Warner Robins, Ga whom I would consider now a mild relationship, but used to be very much a bold relationship. He didn't even recognize my voice. He not recognizing my voice didn't hurt; realizing why he didn't recognize it is what hurts!! And we're both at fault for that. This is not a one-sided issue; it can't be if you're friends. I would give anything to have that Bold relationship back again. We were each others confidants. I love you Kurt!! Now, our friendships don't fall into these "types" if you will, just because we lose touch. They can be this way from the start. I do have a friendship that I would say started as Mild and quickly went to Bold; and yes that friendship would be with Kristina!!! I think we all have some Smooth friendships, I know I do. And those are just as great as the others. And while I have been writing this I have come to the conclusion of just how great a ring of Mild, Smooth, and Bold friendships I have circling me!! All of you know who I am talking were there for me for at least 8 months while I endured the absence of Joe, became a much stronger person through and through and realized how lucky I was to have the opportunity to be a part of such a huge life experience. And I would do it again, no matter the outcome!!!! But now, my friends, I am here for you. It's your turn to lean on me, cry on my shoulder and bend my ear!! So know you can call on me and I will give you all I have to give in a Mild, Smooth or Bold way; whichever you need at that particular time. I love you friend; I love you!!!!
See, it's not just for coffee anymore : ) How do you take your coffee?
Have a coffee bean weekend!!
Love your friend,


Blogger Armyguy said...

You should write for a publication and put your talent to a paycheck! Those that consider you a friend, no matter the flavor, should count their blessings to have you. You are truly a well-rounded lady. I am pleasedto have the opportunity to know you at whatever level you would place me at. I am that much richer for the experience.

3:46 PM  
Blogger tnmommieof2 said...

These posts are awesome Sher..
And I have to say that I believe you and I have moved into the "mild" category since you went
to Cedar Bluff....but I still think
of you often and miss you bunches!!

I hope we can become bold friends
again...but if not, I'm truly happy
with the mild status..just so I know you're there!!!

Love you Monique!!!!

10:46 AM  

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