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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Awesome Autry's 7th Birthday...

February 18, 1999 at approximately 11:05 am, Autry Anson George slowly, but surely slipped into mine and his father's life!!! What a chore it was, but well worth every pain, contraction and breath I took!!! And this past weekend we celebrated his life here on earth for the 7th year. My cousin Pamela and I drove to Alabama to celebrate with him for the entire weekend. After all of the presents were opened and birthday cookie was ate, Pamela and I gathered all three boys and headed to the hotel we had booked. Auntie Pam got us a sweet deal on a 2 room suite with a fold out couch and kitchen for only $69!! SWEET!! We all had a great fun-filled time together. We took the boys to the mall and let them play on the indoor playground for a while and then we went to another mall so we could watch people ice skate!! Mr. Tristan said, "Mama, I want to ice skate." "But you don't know how," I said. "Yes I do!" he said. "Oh yea, and who said you did?", I said. "I DID!" : ) LOLOL My Tristan is so sweet!! I love you Tristan! And my Wyatt, well, he is such a lover. He is my lover boy for sure. If for any minute I sat down or laid down this past weekend, he was right there snuggling with me. : ) My Wyatt is a lover, not a fighter!! Now, Autry Man, he's my contemplator, my thinker, my observer...he likes everything in its place. He is alot like his Papa Reeves in that aspect. I see my Autry becoming an attorney...what'd ya think? He is doing very well in school and I am very proud of him. His favorite subjects are math and reading. He is very good at both. He's done very well as a first grader. He's so smart!!!
Outside of the terrible weather, we had a great time together for Autry's birthday. I miss them terribly, but starting in the spring, I am going to get to see them more often. Thanks you guys for a wonderful weekend. And thank you cousin Pamela for going with me...what a treat!
Here's to my 3 wonderful boys and of course, a nice, fresh, hot cup of coffee!!! I love you Autry, Wyatt and Tristan!!!!
Good Night All : ) Sherry


Blogger Armyguy said...

In the short time I have known you I can tell just how big a heart you have for the little ones in this world. Watching you the other night proved it. It was definitrly a pleasure seeing you laugh with them.

3:22 PM  

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