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Friday, March 03, 2006

When My Angel Comes...

I want to be smiling
When the Angel comes,
Because I will be going
To my heavenly home.
I may be crying
When the Angel comes
Because I have to go
And leave those I love so.
You did not know my pain
Before the Angel came
and I hope you have none
Before the Angel comes.
I will see you again
After the angel comes
When you come to be with me
In our heavenly home.
by Helen Francis Reeves
This poem was written by my grandmother just before her Angel came to take her home. She went to her heavenly home on May 12, 1989. My brother and I called her "Mama Reeves". She was the mother of my father and we all miss her dearly. Mama Reeves was my connection to my feminimity due to the fact that I was quite the tomboy growing up. I was out playing kickball, riding bikes, playing football(more on that later), climbing trees with my cousins at Bebe's house(grandmother), but definitely not playing with dolls like most little girls do. Mama Reeves was a very delicate, fragile, fashionable, strong willed and woman of her word. Her delicacy was everything but, yet soft to the touch. Her fragility was in the manner of the way God built her, yet very strong. Her fashion sense was always prevelant in that I could just hear her say, "Honey, your hat, purse and shoes should always match!! And then on Sunday's, you should add gloves!" Her strong will was always present in that fact that you take care of business and just get things done. Her word was just that...she knew it wasn't The Gospel because she knew that belonged to Him, but it was ever present when she stood by Papa throughout hard times and good times. We are all made up of the different people in our lives and my part of Mama Reeves that I am made consist of...stopping and smelling the roses, believing, not losing sight of the good in all of the bad around us, my fair skin and brunette hair, my love of big band music, the love of the ocean and being ME. I believe we all have guardian angels watching out for us and I trully believe that mine is Mama Reeves! I miss her!! My heart hurts because she is not here to enjoy her great grandchildren where she would impose upon them her delicacy, fragility, fashion, strong will and her word. To all of you who have lost a grandparent/s or family member...May God Bless You!!!
It's a beautiful day...stop and smell the coffee : )
With Love, Sherry
Support Our Troops!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a truly beautiful and awe inspiring poem. Your Grandmother was most assuredly, one hell of a woman.
I lost the only grandparent I truly knew, two weeks before I turned 17. My paternal grandparents died before I was born, as did my Mother's father.
Your words about hat, purse, shoes, and gloves could have come directly from my Grandma Smith's mouth.
Thank you for the lovely memory.


P.S. Your blog is wonderful. You very obviously have talent in writing. I wish you all the luck in the world in your creative writing endeavor.

4:36 PM  

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