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Just as it seems coffee has been around forever, so it seems we have always known each other as friends. Coffee is welcomed at any occasion. It's the drink that delights kings and commoners alike, and it's the thing that brings us together across a table...or across many miles. So sit down and let me serve you a cup....

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

and yet, more about coffee.....

Although, this entry has nothing to do with Starbucks, it does have to do with coffee, health and fitness...take note of the tools!! Those of us who just can't do without coffee (ME), always welcome any coffee information which wafts its aroma our way; beit good : ) or bad : (
You will find in the following that 3 of the 5 are good news and 1 of the 5 is purely informative of just how Caffiene gets to work!!!!! 1) Caffeine aids short-term memory: Researchers have demostrated that short-term memory skills and reaction times are heightened after consuming caffeine. While this might not come as news to anyone who uses coffee to clear the fog of sleep, it had not been scientifically proven before the announcement in Nov' 2005. The researchers were fascinated to see, on a functional MRI test, that coffee drinkers showed increased activity in the parts of the brain that control working memory and attention. 2) Coffee is not addictive: Coffee can be habit-forming but has not been proven truly addictive. The painful symptoms of caffeine withdrawal, however, are quite real. Even people whose sole caffeine hit is a daily 12-ounce cup of joe in the morning report headaches if they stop. Withdrawal symptoms can range from a mild headache, irritability and drowsiness to muscle aches, vomiting, blurred vision and even low-level depression. Nontheless, anyone who tries hard enough can quit. (But why would you want too?) 3) Caffeine works remarkably fast, with its effects felt within five minutes: Like few other foods or drugs, caffeine is immediately absorbed through the stomach and intestines. Seconds after the coffee hits the stomach, caffeine permeates the digestive tract's soft lining and spreads throughout the abody via the bloodstream. It's fat soluble, it's water soluble, it's able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Caffeine even crosses the blood-brain barrier, which is otherwise nearly impervious to molecular invasion. (do you feel like you're deep into a sci-fi film?) Once caffeine storms the castle walls of the brain(now we're in medievel times)the drug sets loose the full potential of its stimulating effects. 4) Coffee helps you breathe better: One biological response to caffeine is that it opens up the oxygen-seeking bronchia in the lungs. This pans out well for smoking coffee drinkers (Daddy/Joe) since it provides them with oxygen they would otherwise strangle with cigarettes. (HMMMM) 5) Coffee has been linked to osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is the disease that makes bones weak and brittle. Ingesting caffeine promotes the excretion of calcium (in urine), which, as every school kid knows, keeps bones strong. So, people who are believed to be at risk for osteoporosis and choose to drink coffee can offset the calcium depletion with a daily glass of milk.
Refill anyone? Why, take a french press break over these freshly brewed notes on coffee and caffeine, the most widely used stimulant in the world!!! I'll take mine with cream!!
With Love, Sherry


Blogger Armyguy said...

Sherry dear,
I can only imagine the amount of research involved in your coffee blogs. I am impressed by the knowledge you seek in pursuit of the perfect reasons to consume coffee! I love it! Tell ya the truthI liked the brew I had last night,lol! You got me!

5:53 PM  

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